How Guaranteed Credit Approval Works

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How Guaranteed Credit Approval Works

Credit Acceptance Corp (CAC) could quite possibly be the best subprime, for challenged credit, auto lender in the country.

In my professional opinion, they are...Hands down!


I have been able to secure auto loan approvals for customers with:

  • A bankruptcy.
  • Multiple bankruptcies.
  • Major derogatory credit after a bankruptcy.
  • A repossession.
  • Multiple repossessions.
  • First time buyers with terrible credit.
  • Bad credit and looking for a 2nd, 3rd or even a 4th auto loan.
  • And the list goes on and on...


No matter what your credit situation, Credit Acceptance Corp offers guaranteed credit approval.

All New! Want to learn how to buy a car with bad credit? Outlined below are the simple steps to buying a car! 


How Credit
Acceptance Corp Works


First I'd like to tell you that CAC, unfortunately, does not lend direct to the consumer and only works with dealers that they have agreements with.


Don't worry, we are one of those dealers in your local area.


As mentioned above CAC offers guaranteed credit approval. There is no such thing as a turn down and your credit "will be approved."

They have ten different Credit Tier Levels that range from 1 - 10, with 1 being the best.

Once your application is submitted into their Credit Approval Processing Systems (CAPS) an approval takes no longer than 15 seconds...How's that for fast?

CAPS uploads our inventory nightly and knows exactly what vehicles are available at our dealerships.

After you've received your approval, CAPS will then create a list of vehicles, at our dealerships, that will work best for their program based on your application.

Now, if you had come to our dealership knowing what vehicle you had wanted prior to getting your approval, then CAPS would tell us what requirements you'd need to meet in order to be able to make that deal.


It's all very simple and very quick.


Another excellent benefit of Credit Acceptance Corp, is that they do report your monthly loan payments to all three major credit reporting agencies, which means you will be able to build and / or rebuild your credit.

To begin the process and use Credit Acceptance Corp and / or similar lenders that specialize in subprime, challenged credit auto loans you can apply here - It's QUICK. It's EASY. It's LIFE CHANGING!


Funding Your Credit
Acceptance Corp Auto Loan


The guaranteed credit approval is the first half of getting your auto loan. To actually fund your auto loan Credit Acceptance Corp is going to want you to prove some things and meet some minimum requirements.

They are very flexible when it comes to funding requirements and in the list below are some general guidelines.

If there is something unique to your situation that's not covered below, there is probably some sort of exception that can be made. I have never had a deal returned to me because it could not fund.

They will require:


  • A minimum of $500 down payment.


    For the types of credit that Credit Acceptance Corp is willing to loan money to this is very strong. Most lenders will have minimum down payments of $1,500 or even up to 20-40%.

    Where it gets even better is that this down payment does not have to be all cash. In fact, it can be no cash and all trade in equity.

    If you have any type of a trade in with equity, then you can use this to substitute for a cash down payment.

    Again, this is very strong and a lot of other bad credit auto lenders will only accept cash for their minimum down payment requirements.


  • Minimum of $200 a month payment with maximum 25% payment to income.


    I'm not really sure why they have a minimum monthly payment of $200, but they will not fund a deal if the monthly payments are $199.99 or less.

    The max 25% to gross monthly income is figured by simply multiplying your gross (before taxes or deductions) monthly income by 0.25.

    Example, you make $2,000 gross income each month, then your max allowable monthly payment would be $500.


  • Having a checking account greatly improves your approval.


    Having a checking account will typically help improve your credit tier within the CAPS program by 2-3 levels, which means you'll probably have more vehicles to choose from.

    If you do have a checking account, we will ask you to provide proof with a copy of a current bank statement.


  • You'll need to prove income.


    Any one of the following are usually considered acceptable:

    • Current pay check stub
    • 2 years tax returns
    • 3 months bank statements showing deposits
    • Handwritten pay stubs showing tax deductions supported by canceled checks
    • Social Security benefit letter  


  • You'll need to prove where you live.


    Any one of the following are usually considered acceptable:

    • Current Bank statement / Credit card statement / Mortgage statement mailed to home and showing physical address
    • Current Phone bill / Cable bill / Garbage bill mailed to home
    • Current utility bill (can't be final notice or disconnect)
    • Current parent's bill if you are under 24 years old  


  • Have full coverage insurance.


    Listing Credit Acceptance Corp as the loss payee with a maximum deductible of $550.

  • Have 5 references.
    • Need complete physical address
    • Must have working phone
    • People living at a shared address count as one reference
    • Can be family, friends, neighbors, co-workers


  • Verify Employment


    We may need to verify employment with your current employer.

  • Landlord or Mortgage verification


    We may contact your landlord or mortgage company.


Where To Apply For Credit
Acceptance Corp Guaranteed Credit Approval


At Rogers Automotive Dimensions we are serious about helping customers with bad credit, challenged credit, which is why we will use Credit Acceptance Corp, or lenders with similar programs.

At Rogers Automotive Dimensions we will stock the right inventory and will know how to structure loans to get the best approvals.

Remember, if you are working with Credit Acceptance Corp then you are Guaranteed Credit Approval,simply fill out this 60 second application and get approved today!


For Current Customers:
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